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Video briefings

Thumbnail for Content Interoperability Implementation Group video

Proposal for Content Interoperability Implementation Group

Description of proposed UK industry work group to co-ordinate the implementation of interoperable VLE content

09:57. Watch now.

Thumbnail link to "What do we mean by standards" video

What we mean by "standards"

An introduction to different kinds of standards, which kinds of standards are of interest to SALTIS, and why we think that standards have a critical role to play in the implementation of e-learning in schools (or K-12).

10:16. Watch now.

Thumbnail link to "BECTA/ISB content packaging project" video

The BECTA/ISB content packaging project

An introduction to the project being run by BECTA to create a content packaging profile for use in UK schools (K-12). The purpose of this project is to improve the integration of learning content with VLEs.

See also the Interim report on content packaging requirements.

5:58. Watch now.

Thumbnail link to "Interim report on content packaging requirements" video

Interim report on content packaging requirements

An overview of the interim report on content publisher interviews, which gives the first indication of what may be included in the requirements document for the BECTA/ISB project.

See also the introduction to The BECTA/ISB content packaging project.

2 parts (4:31 and 9:54), Watch Part 1. Watch Part 2.

LETSI orchestration proposals

Letsi sequencing proposals

An overview of the new proposals for sequencing which are emerging from from the LETSI orchestration working group.

9:44. Watch now.

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