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April 2011
Main articles News in brief

Government ICT policy revealed?

SC36 in Strasbourg

Personalisation is coming

Cabinet Office publishes Open Standards Survey

ESCS Information Standards Board to create industry SIG

European iTEC project seeks stakeholder input

CETIS roadshow to mark final release of QTI 2.1

Thumnail for March 2011
March 2011
Main articles News in brief

SALTIS facilitates BSI e-portfolio panel

Floundering in the mud of Flanders

New proposals for IWB Common File Format

AICC gives more details of CMI 5.0

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February 2011
Main articles News in brief

DfE focuses on schools interoperability policy

SALTIS publishes paper on Learning Resource Exchange metadata

US Department of Education mandates SCORM and CC-BY

New BSI panel to track e-portfolio work on SC36

ADL and AICC to collaborate on CMI

Thumbnail for January 2011
January 2011
Main articles News in brief

SALTIS ICIG agrees new approach to content interoperability

Is Tin Can the future of SCORM?

The importance of CMI harmony

eTextbook use cases for SC36

European seminar on Educational Publishing futures

IMS GLC works on Simple Outcomes for Basic LTI

Reorganisation of IST/043

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December 2010
Main articles News in brief
SALTIS to carry forwards vital work on UK content packaging SC36 call for eTextbook use cases
SALTIS calls on UK government for clear interoperability strategy Pearson calls for new approach to interoperable assessments
Defining the learning activity Work continues to harmonize CMI data model


Last updated: May 4, 2011