Apply to join SALTIS

SALTIS will start charging subscriptions from April 2010, on a sliding scale depending on total company turnover:

Turnover Annual subscription Delgates
Up to £1 million £500 1
£1 million to 5 millon £1,000 2
£5 million to £25 million £1,500 3
£25 million and over £2,000 4

Membership subscriptions will cover:

  • attendance at four face-to-face meetings per year (up to the number of delegates shown above);
  • participation in working groups (up to the number of delegates shown above);
  • participation in consultations which will inform the position taken by SALTIS in its dealings with third-party organisations, including BSI/043 and the UK DfE;
  • voting rights on the election of officials, adoption of specifications and standards, publication of documents and adoption of postions in negotiations with third party organisations;
  • subscription to members-only email reflector;
  • subscription to monthly Confidential Update newsletter, keeping you up to date with developments within working groups and in SALTIS activities in association with third party organisations.

Existing participants who do not choose to subscribe will still be free to subscribe to:

  • the monthly public SALTIS Briefing newsletter;
  • the public LinkedIn discussion forum.

After 1st January 2011, we are only accepting new applications to join SALTIS on the understanding that you agree to pay the appropriate subscription in April 2011. If you would like to join SALTIS on this understanding, please submit an application form.

Last updated: January 1, 2011