Interoperability standards for better teaching and learning


These are some of our 109 members and 17 partners, who are working with SALTIS to improve standards for technical interoperability.

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Newsletter launched

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SALTIS facilitates BSI e-portfolio panel

SALTIS is facilitating a new panel to clarify the UK position on e-portfolios, currently the subject of a report in ISO/IEC. The panel is looking for use cases involving differnent types of software that would benefit from the exchange of e-portfolio-related information. If you are interested, download and return a use case template.


Free report on interoperability

Front cover of e-strategy reportSALTIS has published a report on the requirement for better interoperability in UK schools. Download here or you can order a hard copy free of charge.

SALTIS is leading the drive to improve interoperability standards for teaching and learning in UK schools.

"Plugging in" illustration


Over the last 18 months, SALTIS has been supporting a Becta-led project to improve the interoperability of learning platforms (VLEs) and associated learning content. In early September, Members of SALTIS approved the final project outputs. SALTIS is now organising an "implementation group" to carry these outputs forwards to launch of comformant content at BETT 2012.

How you can get involved

For a brief overview of the project and a summary of our proposed requirements, watch the video below. If you would like to know more, please contact the Chairman.

Video on Becta Content Packaging project Video on proposal to establish Implementation Group

Click to view videos on Becta Content Packaging project and follow-on proposal to establish an implementation group.

Last updated: May 16, 2011